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To participate, you simply have to open an account with us from the official website and make a minimum deposit of $100.

These can be done directly in BTCs by sending the desired amount to the designated wallet address that appears when you carry out the process.

Unfortunately, it’s true that with the cryptocurrency boom, more scams are emerging. The difference between a scam and a real project is the information offered, the generation of value and proven facts embedded in our legal registration documents. Our system generates daily returns and so that there can be no doubts, it is distributed every day. In addition Fxtraders & Investment allows withdrawals at any time within and at the end of the 30-day period. Finally, Fxtraders & Investment is integrated with the Bitcoin Blockchain network which means that withdrawals are just a click away from each person's wallet. The fact that, at any time, anyone can make a withdrawal of balance implies that the deposited Bitcoins have to be available in the platform’s wallet in order to be transferred to user account.

Returns are calculated and distributed after each trading day. Our entire team of professionals have spent many hours developing the system and all our efforts are aimed at optimizing returns, but unfortunately it would not be correct to say that we achieve returns every day. Some days, fortunately they are few, the returns obtained may be negative and on that day there will be no distribution.

Depending on the time difference with each country and when the receipt of your deposit is confirmed, also receiving daily returns takes a period of 24hrs from Monday to Sunday .

Yes, in order to withdraw earnings, it is essential to have a minimum of $10 accumulated in your account balance.

Yes, earnings withdrawals are always made in bitcoins, usdt trc20, usdt erc20 or bep20 at the exchange rate of bitcoin at the time of the operation.

Compound interest is interest that produces interest, that is, interest in each period is added to the initial capital to produce new interest.

We have been researching and developing our platform for a long time and although it is true that so far our results have been positive, operating in the crypto asset market involves a high level of risk. Although our committed team of experts and professionals work daily to obtain the best results, crypto assets and forex markets are always high risk markets. Whenever crypto assets are acquired, we must be aware of all the associated risks and keep in mind that high returns always imply taking higher risks and, of course, if anyone has any doubts, they should seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

All accounts opened in Fxtraders & Investment have the option to configure double authentication (2FA) for account access and for withdrawals. In addition, to avoid phishing (email is sent by someone impersonating Fxtraders & Investment ) all communications sent from Fxtraders & Investment incorporate a special phrase that the user must choose.

Yes, as a member of Fxtraders & Investment , you are participating in a system that seeks returns on different crypto assets and forex trading.
We continuously monitor and analyze the crypto and forex market; evolution of the main crypto assets and their exchange rate in different currencies, and by means of advanced algorithms we find purchase/sale opportunities in real time. Depending on each moment in time, we can operate in several crypto assets simultaneously, in only some or in none. The value of our system lies in knowing which crypto assets, which currencies and at what time to buy or sell, and that information, obviously, cannot be made public.
Bitcoin is one of the crypto assets whose evolution we follow and analyze critically. As is the case with the rest of crypto assets, we can carry out operations with it depending on each moment in time.
Yes, the platform is integrated with the Bitcoin Blockchain network which facilitates a balance withdrawal/deposit request to be carried out automatically and instantly.
Yes of course. Furthermore, there is a referral program that offers advantages of (10%) for the person making the recommendation.
Yes, you can become a member either by registering directly from our website or through referral link of a sponsor.
At the end of your contract, you’re eligible to withdraw both your capital and earnings or you could reinvest to automatically start a new cycle of investment.
Fxtraders & Investment does not charge management and maintenance expenses of the returns obtained. When making purchases or withdrawals, a small commission is charged but it is not for Fxtraders & Investment , but rather to cover the costs of the transfer of BTCs through the Blockchain network.
No, Fxtraders & Investment is adapted to access with any mobile device but no specific App for Android or iPhone has been developed yet. Any App that is advertised from the iPhone or Android stores does not belong to Fxtraders & Investment and therefore will not allow trading profits with Fxtraders & Investment accounts.

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on distribution financial